Re Entering Society

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Eligibility: Are you employed by T-Mobile or related to an employee of T-Mobile?

  • No

Date Started


Project Stage: Select the description below that best applies to your approach.

  • Idea (hoping to get started in the future)

1. Personal Journey: What’s the story behind why you decided to start this project? NOTE: All applications must include a 1 minute video that answers: “I am stepping up to make change because..."

Story behind this is I was a foster child and I recently unfairly had a non violent felony put on my record rendering my chances in life and I have to show the new generation there are ways to overcome your situation without using drugs nor alcohol.

2. The Problem: What problem are you helping to solve?

Trying to solve the gap between minority and majority and the poor and wealthy by bridge'ing the gap and providing a safe place for people to work and learn and grow back into our society rather than being punished and turned away which yeilds great success to our economy.

3. Your Solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

By hiring minors and hiring non violent felons and having weekly discussions with my staff about there feelings , share tactics with the team which can help us all , and boost our sales by incorporating discounts off of the next purchase(every second purchase)

4. Example: Please walk us through a specific example of what happens when a person or group gets involved with your project.

When a person such as t mobile or whatever financial entities get involved with my corporation, realistically they are taking a good Gamble and putting up all the funding which is approximately $5,million dollar start off including wages and equipment, which we will see back in 2 years. Which means t Mobile will get approximately 60% of all profits , with interest.

5. The X Factor: What is different about your project compared to other programs or solutions already out there?

My company takes people from the bottom who aren't considered as people in society and turns them into working class citizens while providing great service to the upper middle class or anyone who can afford to dine with us.

6. Impact: How has your project made a difference so far?

I know I will make a difference because in my city there is no restaurant of this sort of value , that has the same morals as there CEO**me

7. What’s Next: What are your ideas for taking your project to the next level?

Advertisements , local and I will spread through word of mouth to begin with and newspaper , l

8. Future Support: What are the resources needed to make your vision a reality?

I only need funding 100% Capitol... I have my team built already

9. Finances: If applicable, have you mobilized any of the following resources so far?

  • Friend support
  • Family support
  • Sales
  • Mentors/advisors

10. Ripple Effect: Please share some ideas of how you could partner with other changemakers or involve other young people as leaders in making a difference.

I know alot of young people in my city going through struggles and need to be put to work and earn some.money to change their situation

Help Us Support Diversity! Part 1 [optional] Which of the following categories do you identify with?

  • Black or African American (for example: African American, Jamaican, Haitian, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Somalian, etc) (8)

Help Us Support Diversity! Part 2 [optional] Do you identify as part of any of the following underrepresented communities?

  • Communities of color

How did you hear about this challenge?

  • T-Mobile page or contact


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I love this concept. I was also a foster child, part of my mission is to break the stigmas associated with us. I would love to collaborate with you. We are perfect examples of what the system conditions ya to become and what happens when you beat the odds. I would love to help this movement especially because we are focusing on similar things.

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