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instagram: Erykah.Jasmine

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I've had this idea in mind for many months now, but the ideas keep flowing in.

Project Stage: Select the description below that best applies to your approach.

  • Idea (hoping to get started in the future)

1. Personal Journey: What’s the story behind why you decided to start this project? NOTE: All applications must include a 1 minute video that answers: “I am stepping up to make change because..."

watch the video above to hear a little bit about my story! as you can see I am the queen of boomerang videos. Enjoy!!!

2. The Problem: What problem are you helping to solve?

I live in a community of people who are going through really tough times. In a community where there are multiple homeless men and women at one intersection begging and selling drinks just to make a couple dollars.In one where people search for cheap convenience to feed themselves and their family because they're either low on budget or are too tired to put a meal on the table. one w/ multiple McDonalds, KFCs, Wendys& Taco bells, all within 10mi

3. Your Solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

I plan on being apart of the solution to this problem by making good tasting, nutritious, international vegan food and selling and catering it to people in my community for an affordable yet reasonable price. because i will not be working out of a restaurant or food truck yet, i will be able to keep my business up and running with out having to stress about charging extra to pay all my bills and fees. i also plan on being very sustainable by using biodegradable straws, cutlery and takeout containers, limiting my waste by giving free meals to the homeless with the excess and ugly foods that can not be sold (and have not already gone bad) at the end of every week, i plan on buying all my produce locally, shopping non GMO, and sending out electronic receipts when one is requested. I plan on advertising the ways my business benefits the environment and the community as well as ways other people can. I will also publish health benefits of certain foods that i will be selling to show people the perks in eating the food that i am feeding them.

4. Example: Please walk us through a specific example of what happens when a person or group gets involved with your project.

when a person gets involved with my project, they would be able to reach me by phone or message to put in an order between certain times. They will be able to chose from the posted menu on social media and i will give them the time frame of when it will be delivered. I plan on making my food affordable, wholesome and fulfilling, and this takes time to put put together and deliver, so i plan on having help when needed in preparing and delivering food.

5. The X Factor: What is different about your project compared to other programs or solutions already out there?

my program will be 100% plant based, give back to the community , feed the nearby homeless, support local, small, and black owned businesses by purchasing produce and other items needed from them, I will cost out the menu by adding in food cost as well as a small fee that goes towards making sure the people helping me are not taken for granted, i plan on working with other local artists and entrepreneurs in the future helping to support us all by hosting small events with them, I would love to work with a community garden, and do so much more that I sadly can not fit in 600 characters

6. Impact: How has your project made a difference so far?

I will have made a difference when people are choosing healthier options instead of the McDonalds or the greasy chicken shop around the corner because healthy is not too expensive, I will have made a difference when more children are understanding the consequences and benefits of what they are putting in their bodies and doing to the environment. I will have made difference when i help show people that you don't need animal protein to eat GOOD. I will have made a difference when i see more smiles on the faces of people going through real life struggles. i will have made a difference when more people are supporting other small and local businesses because of my business. I will have made a difference when more people are inspired to choose to take their own stand with anything they love to better their community. I will KNOW I have made a difference as soon as my thoughts become reality

7. What’s Next: What are your ideas for taking your project to the next level?

I will take this project one step at a time, once i get started, there is no stopping what i will do next. my goal is to make a happier, healthier, better fed community.

8. Future Support: What are the resources needed to make your vision a reality?

To get started, I would need funding to purchase produce and other ingredients, I would love to have a full kitchen space to work in however, I do have a small, home kitchen of my own. I am currently a chef at a small but growing vegan restaurant so, i would be able to get help and support from other experienced chefs and successful restaurant owners.and most of my advertisement and publications would be through social media as i start out.

9. Finances: If applicable, have you mobilized any of the following resources so far?

  • Friend support
  • Family support

10. Ripple Effect: Please share some ideas of how you could partner with other changemakers or involve other young people as leaders in making a difference.

I could partner with other changemakers and involve other young entrepreneurs by partnering with other aspiring chefs, working with community gardens, co-hosting events where my team and I sell food in support of others projects and initiatives, feeding the homeless with other passionate people in the area, etc.

Help Us Support Diversity! Part 1 [optional] Which of the following categories do you identify with?

  • White (for example: German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, French) (6)
  • Black or African American (for example: African American, Jamaican, Haitian, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Somalian, etc) (8)

Help Us Support Diversity! Part 2 [optional] Do you identify as part of any of the following underrepresented communities?

  • Communities of color
  • Low-income community

How did you hear about this challenge?

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Referral: If you discovered the Challenge thanks to an organization or person other than Ashoka or T-Mobile, who was it?

Jay Versace


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