By providing water dispensers and aluminum bottles throughout our school.

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December 6, 2003

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September 16, 2019

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  • Start-Up (first few activities have happened)

1. The Problem: What problem are you helping to solve?

Over the course of the past few years that we have been attending Wynne High School, we have noticed a problem negatively affecting our school as a whole. This problem is derived from empty water bottles contaminating our campus, both indoors and outdoors. Solving this will help our school get on the right track to becoming what our administrators and leaders envision it to be.

2. Your Solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

After recently meeting with our principal on the sixteenth of this month, the installation idea of water dispensers throughout the school was an excellent idea to him. With the permission to continue on with the project, the first step is to raise enough money to have the dispensers placed in our school. Next, aluminum bottles will be used with printed school logos, so that teachers and other administrators know what bottles are school property, and which ones aren't. This will lead to less water bottles being used to avoid further contamination to our school's campus

3. Personal Journey: What’s the story behind why you decided to start this project?

When walking through the school, seeing empty water bottles that have been thrown down by students and other individuals is just not the way that public places should be treated, regardless of where those places may be. It is just better to have a clean place to attend school, because since we are there, we might as well take care of the place.

4. Selfie Elevator Pitch: Include 1-minute video that answers the following “I am stepping up to make change because...”

5. Example: Please walk us through a specific example of what happens when a person or group gets involved with your project.

Once one sees the number of dispensers placed throughout the school with aluminum bottles, he/she will decide to leave the plastic at home and use the resources around to drink from. This is a better way of reusing that will stop contamination.

6. The X Factor: What is different about your project compared to other programs or solutions already out there?

So instead of all of the bottles being kept at the school to get dirty, the students who want a bottle will be responsible for purchasing and taking care of the property, as it is theirs to keep. we will use the remainder of the money to buy water bottles for the students to get.

7. Impact: How has your project made a difference so far?

The project's purpose is to create a cleaner environment for our community as far as school is concerned. Additionally, this will teach students responsibility, because if they don't bring the bottle with the specific logo attached to it, they will not be permitted to use it.

8. What’s Next: What are your ideas for taking your project to the next level?

One problem that may be introduced is students putting things other than water in the water bottles. To avoid this issue the administrators can check the bottles on a consistent basis.

9. Which of the following types of expertise would be most useful for you?

  • Accounting & Finance

10. Finances: If applicable, have you mobilized any of the following resources so far?

  • Friend support
  • Mentors/advisors

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  • White (for example: German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, French) (6)
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  • Disability community
  • Low-income community
  • LGBTQ community

How did you hear about this challenge?

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  • Other

Referral: If you discovered the Challenge thanks to an organization or person other than Ashoka or T-Mobile, who was it?

Jerry Harvey, our EAST instructor

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I do like this concept. How will you ensure the school continues the movement? How will you educate the student body? How can you expand this beyond just your school to the community as a whole - think BIG!

It feels more like a great start-up business idea that turns a profit. Are you keeping that money, donating it, using it for the cause?

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