Parking Pollution

I would like to encourage and incentivize businesses- such as grocery stores- to utilize multi-level parking, instead of large blacktop lots

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Large parking lots are typically asphalt, which is made from petroleum. Petroleum seeps into rainwater which flows into rivers and lakes by water drainage systems harming fish and natural plants. We would also have more room for parks, nature reserves, schools, and housing.

2. Your Solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

By utilizing multilevel parking made from concrete alternatives -such as ashcrete and timbercrete- we will reduce the negative effects on our planet. With so many options out there, why are we still choosing the old, disproven materials that are hurting our home?

3. Personal Journey: What’s the story behind why you decided to start this project?

I grew up in the capitol of Oregon, traveling with my family to Portland and Vancouver, WA frequently. I saw a few examples of buildings that utilized multi level parking when there wasn’t room for a large lot. I asked myself, why doesn’t every store do this? Why not get rid of that ugly blacktop, and grow some trees. I researched the effects that parking lots have on our environment and was horrified by what I learned. The pollutants being poured into rivers and lakes, killing wildlife and plants. That’s when I knew this was something important, something worthwhile.

5. Example: Please walk us through a specific example of what happens when a person or group gets involved with your project.

If someone were to take note of my idea and help implement and share it with others, we could bring awareness to the manufacturers of asphalt and concrete. We could find a way to incentivize and encourage companies to use natural materials and be aware of their footprint.

6. The X Factor: What is different about your project compared to other programs or solutions already out there?

There are already many strong, natural products on the market to help this problem. My idea is to use multi level parking to reduce this effect even further.

7. Impact: How has your project made a difference so far?

The difference will be shown through testing water in nearby lakes and rivers. We will see less erosion and healthier plants and wildlife.

8. What’s Next: What are your ideas for taking your project to the next level?

First, I’d like to spread awareness. Go on news stations, speak in schools, and present to large companies. Then find a company or store to partner with and be the first to utilize my idea and show the world how good it can be.

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Liked your idea, but instead of multilevel parking which again is a huge parking structure, you must try towers. Like Carvana a car vending machine. Perhaps charge a few quarters for parking and use that proceeds to plant trees I helped out farmers in Yamatval district in India. I learned so much from them about plants. I can give you a list of plants according to the US zones that will be very beneficial and can also generate revenues in turn. Good luck with your project!

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