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Hire people living in impoverished communities to do volunteer work daily, Monday-Friday, for a salary of $25,000

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  • I am over 18 years of age


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Where are you making a difference?

Syracuse, NY

Focus Areas (required)

  • Development & Prosperity

Date Started


Organization Type

  • nonprofit/NGO/citizen sector

Project Stage: Select the description below that best applies to your approach.

  • Idea (hoping to get started in the future)


  • $100k - $250k

Website or social media URL(s) (optional)

Facebook page would be made if budget

1.Founding Story: Share a story about the "Aha!" moment that led the founder(s) to get started or the story of how you saw the potential for this to succeed.

I do a lot of charity work and volunteering, but unfortunately I cannot help every organization or event. So I thought it would be a great idea to hire people to do volunteer work; especially if hiring good people living in impoverished communities and no what the community needs.

2. The Problem: What problem are you helping to solve?

Helping impoverished communities improve themselves, with financial motivation

3. Your Solution: How are you planning to solve this problem? Share your specific approach.

My idea would be to hire 4-8 people living in local impoverished communities and pay them a salary of $25,000 to volunteer 5 days a week to different charities, churches, picking up trash on streets, etc. Essentially helping to improve their community through paid volunteer work. Individuals would be able to volunteer for any charitable group in need of assistance and would be required to post a photo to Facebook everyday they did volunteer work, as proof. Hopefully their efforts would inspire others in the community as well to want to improve their area.

4. Example: Please walk us through a specific example of how your solution is working to solve the problem.

So this is only in the idea phase, but an example in my vision. I go to a church in downtown Syracuse and ask if they know a good hearted person out of work that would be looking for an opportunity to turn their life around, while also improving their community. Once I get referals, I would do interviews and hire 4-8 people. I would firstly listen to what they think could be done for no or minimal cost to improve the community; cleaning streets, planting flowers, helping a soup kitchen, etc. Then I would encourage them to come up with a daily plan and put it on a calendar. I would also provide them a list of local charities, so if they have a day without an idea they can start calling through the list until they find a group needing help. Hopefully, their paid volunteer work in the community would inspire others and improve the whole community and positively change lives.

5a. Too many people in the U.S. have unmet needs for financial products and services. How is your work reaching a population(s) that is currently underserved? If it is not reaching an underserved population yet, how might it in the near future?

It would be helping those living in impoverished communities to help themselves and help their community.

5b. Please specify if the population you are reaching is underserved due to any of the following characteristics:

  • work status
  • race/ethnicity
  • socio-economic class

6. Marketplace: Who else is addressing the same problem? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

I do not think their is currently a charity like this, that has paid volunteers do community work. I think this would be inspirational. Essentially, resulting in a group of "Angels" out doing good and improving to make the world a better place for all that live in it and directly helping those in the most need.

7. Impact: How has your project made a difference so far?

Still in idea phase

8a. Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling your impact?

Main strategy would be starting off with a small group of "Angels" and learning what works. Then if more funding become available and lessons learned; this could expand with more "Angels" serving in different communities.

8b. If applicable, which of the following scaling strategies have you launched?

  • Not Applicable

9. Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Would only be possible to start with funding, could not run without funding

10. Team: What is the current composition of your team (types of roles, qualifications, full-time vs. part-time, board members, etc.), and how do you plan to evolve the team’s composition as the project grows?

I would work to organize, hire, direct, motivate, and monitor the paid volunteers. If anyone else wanted to assist a board could be formed. Getting good community work done and highlighting daily on Facebook to show proof of positive change happening.

Help Us Support Diversity! Part 1 - Which of the following categories do you identify with? (optional)

  • White (for example: German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, French)

Help Us Support Diversity! Part 2 - Do you identify as part of any of the following underrepresented communities? (optional)

  • No, I do not identify with an underrepresented community

How did you hear about this challenge?

  • BNY Mellon page or contact

Evaluation results

2 evaluations so far

1. Overall, would you champion this entry as a excellent example to move forward to the next phase of the challenge and become a semifinalist?

Yes, absolutely! - 0%

Yes/maybe - 50%

Maybe - 50%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%

2. Is this entry INNOVATIVE?

Yes, absolutely! - 100%

Yes/maybe - 0%

Maybe - 0%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%

3. Is this entry IMPACTFUL on financial wellbeing?

Yes, absolutely! - 50%

Yes/maybe - 50%

Maybe - 0%

Maybe/no - 0%

No - 0%

4. Is this entry SUSTAINABLE?

Yes, absolutely! - 0%

Yes/maybe - 0%

Maybe - 50%

Maybe/no - 50%

No - 0%

5. What are some of the HIGHLIGHTS of strengths of this entry?

Connection to underserved community - 50%

Clarity of Model - 50%

Clarity of Writing - 0%

Idea Originality - 100%

Understanding of the marketplace or sector - 0%

Impact measurement - 50%

Impact Potential - 0%

Financial Sustainability - 0%

Team - 0%

Partnerships - 0%

Potential to scale - 50%

6. What are some of the areas for IMPROVEMENT of this entry?

Connection to underserved community - 0%

Clarity of Model - 50%

Clarity of Writing - 100%

Idea Originality - 0%

Understanding of the marketplace or sector - 0%

Impact measurement - 0%

Impact Potential - 0%

Financial Sustainability - 50%

Team - 50%

Partnerships - 0%

Potential to scale - 50%

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I like the concept here – I think it's the kind of project for which you could really use social media or other media to cover the impact on your "Angels" which could be a source of funding.