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Guiding principles can be used as a way to help the community focus, but explaining what's out of scope and in scope. It's worth considering  including some of the guiding principles in the brief itself.  They are also a great tool to equip the whole challenge team with a way to think about how to communicate with the community about the topic area.  

OpenIDEO uses the following principles which is a good start. 

Principle #1: Inclusive
Recognise and enable all levels of participation from different disciplines. It's about allowing anyone to contribute to the creative process. Whether it's a great insight, a beautiful sketch, an encouraging build or a few words of praise, the platform allows everyone to take part in and feel as if they are a part of the process.

Principle #2: Community-centered
Remember the core strengths of the community and play to them. OpenIDEO is meant to foster a strong, vibrant, lively community that thrives on inspiration -- and that we all trust will make a difference. Focusing on this community and its activities is essential.

Principle #3: Collaborative
Promote teamwork among individuals and teams by recognising the many roles that are crucial to each step of the design process. Always choose collaboration over competition and create an atmosphere for building on one another's ideas.

Principle #4: Optimistic
Stay optimistic! You never know when a wild idea might enable others to get closer to a viable solution.

Principle #5: Always in Beta
Design for continuous improvement and iteration and scale deliberately. That goes for the community, the platform, and these principles. To this end, please email your suggestions for making Demo Innovation Challenges better.


Example Guiding Principles from a Amnesty International Challenge on OpenIDEO


Addressing the factors surrounding human rights can be a complex undertaking. To act as our compass, Amnesty International and OpenIDEO have developed a few guiding principles to help each of us approach this challenge with a sense of purpose and direction.


In general, we have found that remaining optimistic, solution-focused, and respectful throughout the design process can nurture creativity and further the potential impact of our ideas...>/hr>  
Optimistic: as we learn more about the issues surrounding unlawful detention, it's easy to feel like the odds are stacked against us. Let's stay optimistic and hopeful, and use that positivity to identify and design high-impact concepts.

Solution-focused: when tackling a topic as complicated as human rights, it can be easy for anyone to want to find blame or debate the issues. Rather than getting caught up in those questions, let's focus on the solutions that can help families and communities during these times of crisis.

Respectful: this is a global issue that affects a diverse set of people in very different ways. Let's remember that everyone's opinion and experiences are welcome - as long as the content we share is respectful and hopeful.