Page Styles

In the Rich text editor, you are able to insert text with different styles, add styling options (bold, italic, underlined, lists), add links, insert images and videos.

Rich text editor and text styles

Normal: This is the normal text - it's easy to read and suitable for all your main content.  As with all the styles, the size adapts to different screen-sizes, giving users the optimal reading experience. 

Quote: this is great if you want to quote someone, your in some occasions - indulge and quote yourself.    

Headline 1: this on is huge, use it sparingly as it steals all the attention.

Headline 2: this is a good sized title. Use it to structure the page into main sections.

Headline 3: this one is great for sub headlines - like inserting additional info below the main title. 

Headline 4: that's great for dividing sub-sections of your content

Headline 5: this one is the smallest of them all. Use it to add minor notes or captions for videos and images

What about images?

There are two kind of images:

  • big images: they are big and centered in the page. Every uploaded image wider than 350px behaves like this.

  • small images: they are small and aligned to the left. The text can run next to these. Every uploaded image equal or shorter than 350px, behaves like this.

BIG IMAGES, wider than 350px:

Image title
Image title

SMALL IMAGES, equal or shorter than 350px:

Image title

Here's some text running next to the image.

Image title

When using SMALL IMAGES, we highly recommend to use images of 300px width, so they look great also on small screens.

AND Videos?

Easy, paste the embed code or just paste the url into the "insert video" option on the RTE toolbar.