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Aidan commented on muse

Hey Bijou B thank you for your comment. While our project intends to fix the same issue yours is solving, I think the two of us have very different solution. While your project has very broad goals of "authentic leadership, proactivity, communication, self esteem/ confidence, tolerance, critical thinking, goals setting, time management, teamwork, public speaking and problem solving; to encourage individual success, encourage Individual development, embrace an inclusive environment, reward innovative excellence, support our community and to promote change, growth, solidarity, and equity," ours focuses more on political empathy and understanding. Our solution is different than many because it aims to use new technological advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent to promote our goals in a way which was previously impossible. Our solution will be able to work on a very large scale so that it can impact as many people from as many different ethnic, racial, religious, gender, and other social groups as possible.

That being said, I learned a lot about your idea of "living in the hyphen" from reading your solution, and (aside from loving the name of "hyphen") I wish you the best of luck on your solution! It seems like something that is very important to our country.


Aidan commented on Wings of the Night

I like the idea of educating people about bats in order to make sure your solution is sustainable. Also, since I don't have a deep background in biology maybe I don't understand this, but does providing better housing for bats increase the total number in an area? Or do bats with better housing just kill more mosquitos?


Aidan commented on Be trash free

I really like the idea of trying to produce less trash, both to protect marine life, as you stated, and as a means to live more sustainably. I think we could all benefit if you further explained how to use less trash. What techniques will you be teaching in your classes? I am interested in knowing them so I could do my part in protecting the environment and apply them to my own life.