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Johnny commented on fun farming for High school Students

Great idea, it's a great way to get kids into farming. I think we can add a section to the program on the study of biological equipment. I found a site ( where there are examples of techniques that will increase yields, it will be useful to you in the future.


Johnny commented on Teen Esteem: Empowering Students for Life

A wonderful article that will help any student. In general, my professor says that his age is up to 25 years his favorite. At this time, you are like a machine, the perfect creation of nature that can change this world. When you are full of energy that you can direct absolutely in any direction. Even look at your list, see how many opportunities are provided? But this is only your list, because you can make a million articles with a list of lists for students, etc. Live, develop and become as intelligent as possible and necessary for you. Good luck!
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