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Gokul commented on muse

Thank you so much, Tyler! Hopefully, we'll see each other in Seattle :)


Gokul commented on Openly

I am a big fan of this idea! As a person who's heavily involved in Speech & Debate, I often have trouble accessing university publications because of paywalls and the tricky intellectual property rules that publications employ. Most of the times, professors and educational institutions don't even want their publications to be that expensive, but there's no cheaper alternative. I think openly is an awesome solution to that issue. Open source is the way of the future and kudos to Openly for actually making a difference.


Gokul commented on A big change

Personally, I've spent a lot of time being active in the political advocacy community and if there's one thing that's certain, it's that legislative advocacy (i.e. talking to your politicians) is the most effective way to bring about serious change when it comes to anything. I think it would be amazing to see your project partner with larger organizations and host walkouts and anti-NRA rallies to truly make a difference. I applaud you for tackling such a serious issue, keep up the good work!