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Aditya commented on Student Voice Chapters Program

Alexis: I absolutely love your Student Voice Chapters Program; including students in the decision-making and policy process for their own education is a critical, yet often over looked component in modern institutions. Your approach to solve this conflict—by forming chapters across the nation—is truly innovative and has great potential to produce tangible results!

Anurudh: Great idea! Vaccines are critical to public health, on a global basis. Logistical difficulties associated with transport, however, limit widespread use, and the Vaxxwagon tackles this. Looking forward to seeing your future progress!


Aditya commented on Economics Education Initiative (EEI)

Ms. Holcomb: Certainly—a vast portion of U.S. teens, especially in underprivileged groups, never even receive basic financial literacy training. I'll definitely take a look at TechStar's toolkit for future planning, and strategy. Thank you so much for suggesting this resource!