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Young Social commented on Young Social Activists Club

We would love to work with you guys! We wanted to do a similar project last year, so I think this would be perfect. Feel free to contact us more at


Young Social commented on myMentor

This is a great idea! I go to a school with similar socio-economic standings and graduation rates. One way to increase your reach and impact would be to contact high school student and start a series of clubs run by high school students who go to schools that preform well and have more opportunities to mentor students from schools with low graduation rates. This would close the age gap, give the students the ability to relate to one another, and many high school students would jump at an opportunity like this.


Young Social commented on Peerlift

This is an amazing project! Applying to college and finding different programs is really difficult and having the ability to search and filter all of them at once is great. Involving counselors across the country and having them give input/share the resources would be another way to expand your reach.