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Leanne commented on Smart Move

At age 12, I had to stop my involvement with competitive sports as a result of cardiac changes. It became life threatening to exert my heart which left me absolutely devastated. I understand the importance of reintegrating athletes and the general public into their daily routines prior to amputation. I see a lot of opportunity with this project and I would recommend continuing to work alongside your university.


Leanne commented on Auditory Learning

Asher, I am very impressed by the way you have taken initiative to solve a problem you identified from your personal experience. It is wonderful to hear you are already connecting with members of the Maryland State Department of Education. My advice to you is to continue advocating for this cause despite any pushback you may receive. You are doing amazing work!


Leanne commented on First Hand 3D Printed Prosthetics

I have a lot of admiration for your dedication to this cause. It makes me so happy to see others who not only identify an issue, but take the steps necessary to mobilize others and create a change. I have a lot of respect for your ability to engage other youth. You are empowering and inspiring to all!