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Love this idea - very clearly explained, and definitely would create value for all stakeholders involved!

I think this is a great idea! Some feedback - be more clear about the problem you are trying to solve and how the solution aligns with that problem. From reading about the project, it sounds like you're trying to give open a new market to farmers in the DR as well as provide people with access to better juices in the US - but why is this? You mentioned a couple other topics such as fruit juice in minority communities in the US, and the feeling of having fresh juice in the house. But I think you're providing something better - healthy options to communities that are routinely underserved in the US and economic advancement for these farmers in the DR. Especially that this advancement isn't through changing industries but it's by strengthening the agriculture industry itself. That's pretty remarkable but isn't fully communicated here. I'd say a clearer/larger why with some data points or research would make your story more compelling.



Love this entry. It's very clear what you are doing and sounds like it could really create lasting change in the way agriculture is executed.