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Dhruv commented on Signal 365

Hey Neil!

I absolutely loved your 1-minute video; you speak with amazing passion and conviction and it's so inspiring! Your idea is a really innovative solution that has the potential to save many lives!

As a computer science student myself - I have a question on how this would work! Bluetooth pairing requires consent from the other device right? Would you have to work with the Mobile OS developers at Google and Apple to connect through Bluetooth automatically? Or are there APIs to help you do just this?


Dhruv commented on Darsana

Hi Arun!

Thank you for your support on our project, and this sounds wonderful! What is your email address?



Dhruv commented on Darsana


Thank you very much for your interest and support in our project, it really means a lot to us! And that is a great question!

We plan to make it so that user can control the notifications he gets about the objects in his or her environment. For example, a button push could activate the object detection and notify the users about the objects in his or her environment. We can programmatically solve the problem of 'too much' input by collecting the total number of the same objects visible in one image capture. For example, instead of the device telling the user "person detected, person detected, car detected, car detected", we can make it say "2 people and 2 cars detected."

We have currently developed a new prototype in which the hardware costs amount to around 200$. This prototype includes some of the primary features listed above. As of now it can recognize around 20 common objects with fairly good accuracy at .1-.2 seconds, but we plan to increase the accuracy and number of detectable objects in exchange for around .5 seconds of latency in the future.

Once again thank you for your support and if there are any more inquiries, my email is !!