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Dhruv commented on Darsana

Thank you very much for such kind words and we are very appreciative of your support!


Dhruv commented on Darsana

Hi! We very much appreciate your interest in our project, your support and your kind words! Thank you!

We want to eventually sell this device everywhere but we are focusing on developing nations first! Although we would like that this product be free, this has proven to be difficult because of the costliness of hardware. We are hoping right now we can get it subsidized for our consumers by the Indian government, so that more people can afford and will have access to this technology.



Dhruv commented on Darsana

Hi! Thank you so very much for your kind words and your interest in our idea!

That is a great question! Detecting objects in photos uses a powerful tool called a neural network that essentially mimics neurons in the brain. How it works:

1. Take thousands of images of a specific object
2. Label them all with the object name
3. Train the neural network to recognize the objects by feeding the images and their labels into it, so that it can LEARN as we do!
4. Take a new picture of the object, and the neural network has a very very high likelihood of detecting it

Neural Networks are fascinating but complex so it would be difficult to explain them in one comment. Also we do not take the 1000's of images ourself, we use pre provided datasets with images and their labels!

Thanks and I hope that helped!