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Hi Chris,
The customers of Leeren products are consumers who are seeking affordable organic healthy food. Majority of the consumers could be middle-class consumers, and/or mothers who watch out carefully when buying food for their children and family members, and/or an increasing growing vegetarian community in Taiwan as well as in the major cities of Hong Kong, Canada, and Americas.

Leeren tries to build direct supply chain relationships with the producers and sells to end consumers in order to reduce the additional transaction costs that may generate additional financial burden for many of the salary-income families.

The most popular products are usually the seasonal fresh produces, such as in season vegetables and fruits, organic rice, organic grains (other than rice), organic tea, and some roots produce, such as sweet potato, radish, etc.

Sometimes, there are additional or new processed organic products, such as no-preservative-instant noodles, organic coffee, or organic fruit cakes available for sell, Leeren will announce these specialty items via our website, emails, and line/wechat contact list. Consumers will receive these information and come pick up what they need.  Most of our products have very short shelf life.  However, we do have sufficient consumer base now, and our problem is more about not having enough products to sell.  This is also the reason why we feel very strongly about the need to expand our coaching and guiding practice in order to encourage more farmers to take up the journey of "becoming organic".  This is a "journey" in that it is not something that can just happen.  It takes a lot of learning, many tries, and most importantly, it has to be based on a certain "belief" and "commitment" from the farmers' end.  Leeren is willing to accompany these would-be organic farmers to start that journey by advising them and encourage them every steps of the way. 

Our existing resources are very limited.  However, our experience and knowledge bank has been accumulating many know-how and networks that we can continue to leverage and to make an impact to assist more farmers to go on to this journey of "becoming organic".  We believe that we as an organization is fully committed to creating shared value by focusing on the right cause and not only seek profit making.  Although making sufficient profits so that Leeren can continue to operate and continue to enable those organic farmers to continue their livelihood is equally important for this model to work. Therefore, the 3rd pillar of our operating model is - educating the consumer and have consumers continue to support the organic farmers by buying their products (the first pillar is organic farmers, the second pillar is reducing transaction layers, i.e., Leeren buys directly from producers and sells directly to end consumers). 

We found that the most powerful combination is to combine the impact of organic farming with protecting the natural habitats. Many of our consumers are touched by the stories of preserving the natural homes for butterflies, eagles, frogs, and more.  They are willing to pay slightly higher price for not as perfect looking vegetables or fresh produces because they want to support the cause of preserving the natural environments for other living beings.

The continuous growth of Leeren model requires continuous investment in expanding our circle of influence, both inspiring more farmers to become organic and more consumers to buy organic.  We humbly believe that some of the experience we accumulated since 1998 could be shared and leveraged by other countries outside of Taiwan. If there is a forum or an opportunity where we can share our know-how in a more sustainable way, we will be more than honor to be part of that great cause.

Hope that we had answered your question?  Please do feel free to send us any additional questions you have. 

Thank you.