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Markanthony commented on Alternative Lifestyle Brand: Changing mentalities.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I understand what you mean, some areas may benefit from some improvements, but unfortunately I don't think I can alter my submission anymore. Although to anyone that has similar questions , I decided to summarize our brand's mission statement:
  Our brand stands for the creators and dreamers that are underrepresented in our society. We are the ones who support art and equality. Me and my group believe through an alternative  lifestyle brand, we may be able to spread the philosophies that are presented in our communities.


Markanthony commented on Operation Business Party

Yes! we are trying to solve the same problem! I COMPLETELY agree with your viewpoint. Its crazy to think others know what i am talking about. Read the attachment (essay) on my submission, i am sure you will understand what i am talking about.


Markanthony commented on Your voice

I know what you are talking about. It seems like people will do anything to make you conform, im trying to fix that issue as well, by making people who are different and suppressed the new norm. By making people change their philosophies, we can make the world a safer place.