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Heather commented on JUMA - It Starts With a Job

Joy Baker Peacock Of course! As we've spoken to youth in our program and analyzed our impact data, we've come to see that youth on the lower spectrum of work hours and engagement are experiencing Juma as a job and then as optional unpaid programming. Through the piloting of this new three-tier rewards structure, we want to increase retention and engagement by giving youth additional paid opportunities to learn and deepen their skill development, and provide an incentive to engage in all areas of programming (job readiness, career exploration, financial capability etc) that will help our youth build a career path toward financial independence. Each level specifies the number of hours they have to work (eg. 50 hours for Job On, 100 hours for Career Build, and 150 hours for Connect Forward), job training and workshop participation requirements. Combined, our hope is that this incentive structure will also help provide a clearer ladder or pathway for youth to see how to develop early on the job and progress. This is something that we also hope to promote as an industry adoption with our employment partners. Happy to answer any other specific questions you might have!

Terrific idea!


Heather commented on WCS Youth Employee Advisory Council (YEAC)

Great way to incorporate youth voice in operations!