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Congratulations on creating this innovative technique that allows people of different abilities to participate with others in making music. For me, the most powerful part of your entry was your description of the impact on Arius.

I suggest you collect and include some testimonials about the efficacy of ARBECY from Music Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Church & School Activity Coordinators, and Residential Care Providers. What do they see as the unique strengths of ARBECY? (One example might be that it produces significant results with only two minutes training).

Can you say more about what differentiates ARBECY from similar programs?

Next to your list of where ARBECY has spread (Louisiana, California, and Nevada) you could describe how it is being implemented in each place.

Can you describe a plan for how ARBECY can spread more rapidly and widely? Can you say more about how you generate revenue that will allow you to scale-up your project?

You can make a very strong case for how ARBECY makes a strong impact on the lives of participants and on how they are able to engage with society more generally by incorporating the following points from the very powerful document that you attached as a PDF: 

- brings a major shift in society by facilitating social friendships, family activities, self-esteem, joy of accomplishment and competency, and community celebrations that bring enjoyment and happiness to life
-  promotes acceptance of people with blindness as an integral part of the larger community, overcoming their isolation
- allows communities that interact with the blind to appreciate life and laughter at a level never
- music groups serve as an extended family