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Carla is an absolute asset to the Veterinary Nursing Profession. Carla works tirelessly and selflessly to keep the human Animal bond going strongly for her clients, making sure no animal suffers or is caused pain or distress. She ensures the owners have a better quality of life as well as their pets because she takes care of the pets so the owners can look after themselves as well. Carla is passionate about what she does, she's an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. And I cannot think of anyone more worthy of recognition than her. She is truly an ambassador for the profession and a true advocate for one welfare, animal welfare, human animal bond. This lady is everything a Veterinary professional should want to be like. Carla is truly caring, honest, genuine and a trailblazer in a field that she brings so much to. Carla is inspiring, she is the voice of the animals and the people. Good luck Carla, you deserve every success and happiness