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Carla is a very loving, caring, driven human, who will do anything to help others. She is able to stay upbeat and happy when others are trying to knock her down.
In my opinion The veterinary nursing profession is a tough area to work within and often with out the professional curstey others have. Carla is working hard to highlight areas of issue and pushing for equality.


Donna commented on Canine Arthritis Management

I met Hannah at the beginning of her CAM journey, I work for the animal therapy magazine and as a veterinary physiotherapist/ RVN.
I've seen 1st hand her hard work and how it has helped others. I have seen the struggles and triumphs. I refer my clients to her webpage and forums often.
Hannah has built a fantastic team of vets nurses and therapists to be able offer multimodal solutions to CAM's followers.
OA is a terrible disease and to find and discuss ways of reducing pain/suffering and supporting owners is paramount.
Pets are a family member to most and watching them suffer with OA is heart breaking, having practical solutions to reduce suffering and improve QOL is fantastic. During my career I've heard oh it's just a bit of arthritis so often as if it's normal to have constant pain, but CAM highlights it's not "normal " and we can do something even if we cant "cure" the issue.
A particular discussion that has helped me is the carer guilt, and discussions on when is the right time to say goodbye.