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Aswita, What an interesting idea to give voice to the children you are serving. Empowering them to be a part of the solution. Your beautiful name kept drawing my attention. I looked in my contacts and realize that Bev Beckman gave me your name long ago when we were involved with a local community health improvement plan. Our group is working to open the Smoketown Family Wellness Center in Louisville, KY. The Center will provide pediatric care in  community-based setting with healthy lifestyle support for the family. Our goal is to extend the life of a child born in Smoketown by 10 years to reach our city's average. Please read our profile if you are able. I would love your feedback! Thanks!


Charlotte commented on Community Playdates

Cyndi, I loved learning more and reading about your story. Early childhood education is so important, sounds like a great solution to expand quality resources to families in need. Are you familiar with National Center for Families Learning? They work to improve literacy. They have programs with families to create service projects in their communities. Might be an interesting partner for you. They are based in Louisville, KY.
Please check out  our project, the Smoketown Family Wellness Center. Our vision is to empower families to raise children who are healthy in mind, body and spirit. Would love your feedback!


Charlotte commented on The Prevention Initiative

Thanks for the information. Sounds like a wonderful model that has expanded care across your state. I would love to learn more.