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Zulfikar commented on Energy Smart Women / PIJAR (Perempuan Bijak Energi)

Thank you for you attention to Rumbia.
We value after sales service. therefore, we purchased the technology with warranty and we trained our MSEs to be able to handle the fail product. When there is a broken product we will replace that immediately.

For the project includes mitigation measures to manage e-waste. This is something we are keen to learn more.

thank you for valuable information. I have checked the website and it's suit my organization needs as new organization.

sorry about the website. it's under maintenance.



Zulfikar commented on Energy Smart Women / PIJAR (Perempuan Bijak Energi)

halo Chris,

Sorry for late responses.

As a newly initiated organisation, Rumbia heavily relies on external funding and collaboration with donor institutions. Financial sustainability is surely one amongst Rumbia's priorities in upcoming years, and we're still composing the right model to sustain our work.

The expected outcomes of women of PIJAR can be outlined as follows:
1. Women understand their potentials and are able to project self-confidence as results of PIJAR’s assistance program;
2. Women establish network with other organisations and government institutions to complement their role and work as PIJAR women;
3. Women independently develop their working group to become business group; and
4. Women actively play the role as chaperone and facilitator for other PIJAR women;

By activating women’s role of helping provide for the family (through additional income for the household) we indirectly augment their role as ‘agent of change’. With this new role, women then can promote the use of clean energy technologies in the smaller scope (their household) as well as in the bigger scope (community).

Thank you,