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Scott commented on Building $tability, Retaining Visibility

I can't emphasize enough the challenges that face our rural community around housing, homelessness and financial capability. The portion of the community that is "rent burdened" (more than 50% of household income going toward rent) exceeds 50% at some income levels. Foreclosure rates remain high despite economic recovery and demand for mortgage assistance continues. Seniors find themselves in need of reverse mortgage counseling as they struggle to make ends meet, and there is an overall need for financial counseling. NeighborImpact's HomeSource fills those gaps and many more in a community where real choices have to be made every day between rent, utilities, food, childcare, transportation and other essentials. Our community is fortunate to have a high-performing counseling agency in its midst. Sustaining it and expanding those services is critical to maintaining quality of life and sustaining a vibrant economy that works for everyone.