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thank you for your interest and for your questions.
We piloted the books in 7 first grade classrooms in a school with 92% of children on the free or reduced price lunch program and nearly half of the children from families where English was not spoken at home. Testimonials are included in the attachment.  My background in parent education and teacher training, along with early and elementary education, made me want to develop resources for children that would help them to be a link between the classroom and home.     Children gained competence in their day to day lives, at the same time that they felt pride in helping their families to be safer and healthier.  Children see themselves as part of their families and they see themselves as part of their classroom. My goal is to help children, particularly children who are form low-income families where English is not the primary language to provide tools that increase health, safety and literacy.  The most common comment from teachers was: My students felt proud that they got their parents or big sister or brother to wear seat belts because their family is safer, now.   I have been asked to translate the books into Spanish. And when I was in China, I was asked by a high ranking dental official if I would consider a book about dental care, evidently a huge problem in rural China.  I have more than 20 stories, primarily about health and safety for young children and would love to see them all illustrated, translated, in print and on line. The only limiting factor is cost.    Thank you for taking the time and effort to comment. Much appreciated.       Marlene