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Hi Wilson, thank you for your interest! To answer your question, yes we have logistics strategies focusing on the local market. What we do is we partner with LGUs (local government units) and community cooperatives to help us with the reverse logistics, especially for the defective units. As for the maintenance, the system had been designed simple enough for the users to do the maintenance themselves. For the operational life, it is mainly based on the LED lifespan which is roughly around 50,000 hours. However, there's a consumable that needs replacement every 5-6 months, depending on the frequency of usage. Using the lantern 8 hours a day every day, and following the maintenance, would prolong the lifespan of the consumable until 6 months. The cost of consumable is only USD3.00 and can be bought through mom and pop stores or sari-sari stores as we call it in the Philippines.

Appreciate the thumbs up, Mouhamadou!

Hi Andre! Thank you for taking interest in our project. One glass of saltwater solution can last for four days straight without turning off the LEDs before changing the saline solution.