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Natalie commented on The Helpline of Stop It Now!

Hi Jenny,
Thanks so much for sharing about your work! I am excited about this project. Developing an approach wherein anyone who feels unsafe tendencies can receive support rather than chastisement goes a long way toward changing the landscape and keeping children safe.

I have a couple questions:
Can you illustrate your social-media approach?
How do you intend to reach people that most need your services, and broaden your reach?
Once you've got someone on the line, what is your actual approach? What does it look like?
Do you have plans for anonymous help via a website?
Thanks again for all of your hard work!


Natalie commented on Empathy through Game Design

Thanks for sharing your project! It's so exciting to see how the tech world can have a positive effect on the way a child thinks of herself. I particularly appreciate the NON-RESCUE based narratives of your games - yippee!
I have a couple questions that would help me understand your project more:
1. How many kids get to attend camp? How are they selected?
2. Can you describe, as you see it, how confidence building affects an overall sense of wellbeing?
3. Can you do the same for the empathy angle? (I agree that a strong sense of empathy for others adds to overall wellbeing of everyone on the planet, but can you walk me through that correlation with regard to your solution?)
Thanks so much for all of your work! Wonderful!


Natalie commented on Holistic Life Foundation: Breathing Love into Communities

Thanks so much for sharing your work with the network Atman! It's so exciting to hear about the positive effects of your program, and to hear about the kind of support you've been able to generate. I especially love the fact that you were able to hire and train twelve of your students to work for HLF - what an incredible difference you have made in those lives! And what incredible impact they will have on other lives!
I would love to hear a little more about numbers - how many students does your solution impact? How many school districts? Also, some testimonials would be amazing - from teachers, students, and parents - because I'm sure they have seen firsthand how well your solution works.

Thanks again for sharing!