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Rachael commented on Boutik Sante (Community Health Store)

Hi NAtalie! I love love love the work you are doing!!! I would really love to hear more as our social and environmental enterprise hopes to launch a similar franchise health model for rural women and communities in Guatemala to have access to health, especially reproductive health care options, when it is otherwise unavailable.

I am curious if over time you hope to phase from donors to more and more earned income or if you project it to be heavily dependent on grants in the long term as well (mostly for financial planning purposes I am curious - not because there is a right answer) - thanks for your help and honesty!!!!


Rachael commented on Nutritious maize tortillas: from field to plate

Hi Natalia! Great to see you work here!! Great luck in the competition. Muchos saludos, Rachael

Hola Marcela! Gracias por sus comentarios en nuestro muro :) y gracias por compartir su correo. Igual el mio es Me encanta lo que has compartido aqui en changemakers y todo que haces en TG! Justo tenemos planeado expandir a trabajar en Oaxaca en 2019 o 2020 por parte de EarthEmpower despues de que Guatemala sigue creciendo!!! Me encantaria platicar mas o reunir en Oaxaca en algun momento. Divido mi tiempo entre Mexico y Guatemala entonces espero que nos da un momento para platicar pronto!!!! FELICIDADES en ese trabajo increible!