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Mikaela commented on Online school needs to be more of a option for mothers.

My family volunteers at a local homeless shelter. Your initiative could change the lives of many women living at transitional housing facilities and shelters, and her family economics. Best of luck to you!


Mikaela commented on Project SPEAK

Hi Alison! I would love to speak with you sometime about a program with a similar mission I started a few years back in a local Hispanic community. It has been very successful and is growing beyond my home state of New Jersey. We have children from many different ethnic backgrounds participating in Hablo ingles who simply do not know or have not mastered English. The English immersion summer program is run by high school students, and the children participating love it and have learned so much. Please email me at


Mikaela commented on Resilience curriculum for high school students

I recall the incredible stress and competitive nature of the college application process two years ago at my NJ high school. There was a lot of pressure and students were not always so nice to each other during that trying time. You have identified an important issue - one highlighted by the recent college admission scandal. I applaud your mission! Perhaps you might want to consider continuing your program through the end of senior year, inviting college students who have succeeded and were happy despite being rejected from their dream schools. So many possibilities! Best of luck to you!!