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"Freezing has been shown to decrease the nutrient value of a meal." Why are you repeating that myth?

As mentioned by writers from scientific study after study have shown canned, fresh, and frozen fruits and vegetables all have pretty much the same level of nutrients. In a University of California study, cooked frozen green peas contained higher levels of beta-carotene than cooked fresh. A University of Illinois Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition study found fiber content is as high in canned vegetables as in fresh as well as folate (B Vitamin), vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, thiamin, and carotenoids. Vitamin A levels are actually higher in canned pumpkin than in fresh.

Your salt content condemnation only applies to many frozen meals, not frozen fruits and vegetables, which do not have high levels of sodium. And simply reading the label on which frozen meals you buy wil let you avoid the high lsalt one. The numbers are right on the label.

Sure if I can buy fresh fruits and vegetables ripe in season for a resonable price, but I do so. But I do it for flavor and texture, not nutrient level.

This writer really needs to check old wive's tales before she publishes them in a reputable news paper as facts. Next I bet she is going to telling readers that organic food has more nutrients, something that has been tested and debunked time after time.