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Mona commented on We Are Humans

Hey Carmen! I am so inspired by your mission. You have a great cause. We don't have enough human empathy for each other. Many times, people don't treat other homeless people like people. We ignore them when they interact with us, asking for help. I think it's important to continue this conversation. Whenever I am approached by homeless people, I try to talk to understand their day and their troubles. It's crazy how even though we are all the same species, we don't treat each other equal. Keep going with this!! There's so much more that we can do


Mona commented on Karma Trade - a personalized clothing swap service

Thanks Adithi Adithi R ! This means a lot to me that there are others out there interested in solving the fast fashion crisis! If you want to reach out/collaborate just message me on IG: mona.fang