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Lisa commented on Heart Centered 21st Century Learning

The Heart Centered 21st Century Learning approach exposes students to effective strategies, themes related to compassion, health related practices, relaxation techniques and coping skills that enable students to increase their confidence and overall well being.  It is my hope that the students transfer the skills learned in the program to their daily living when interacting with family members and in the community.  Students are having a difficult time coping with stress and processing traumatic events that they observe or experience personally.  The conditions are adversely affecting their ability to learn and function in school.  As a school psychologist, I often observe students having difficulty concentrating, relating to others, delaying gratification, identifying their feelings, communicating their thoughts, and displaying appropriate behaviors during conflict.   Unfortunately, my classroom and testing observations reveal that students have much more on their mind than learning.  Teachers who "just want to teach" may find it challenging to find a good school fit.  However, teachers who model and incorporate Heart Centered 21st Century Learning practices in their daily school activities increase the probability that students will experience success.   It is my understanding that the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) will provide schools with more of an  opportunity to decide what variables are important to assess when measuring a school's success.   Teacher and school evaluations that include social/emotional aspects of development, student-engagement,  student's attitude toward learning,  project based learning and school culture may be considered.  I am looking forward to receiving your eNewletter to learn more about components of Phase II of Heart Centered 21st Century Learning and your overall progress.