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Marco commented on No dream is too big

Hi Nathalie,

Thanks a lot for your message! NESsT has been and remains an invaluable ally for us. The work you do allows projects like ours to grow and develop beyond our expectations. We're glad to have you as our partner on this journey and look forward to keep learning and impacting those who need it the most together.

Best regards,


An amazing use of technology to efficiently tackle and solve an urgent issue. The amount of water preserved thank to what you're doing is definitely making a huge impact in the lives of millions of people who need it the most. Congratulations!

Maji Mamas is an amazing project which not only provides access to clean water but empowers women to be active and valuable members of their communities.

We work with a type of moss (sphagnum magellanicum) whose properties as antibacterial and heavy metal absorbent transform it into a natural water filter. Right now we’re working on making a model of moss-based water filter to be sold on the retail market and distributed amongst the most vulnerable communities.

We’re interested in knowing how does the filters you’re using right now work.

Best regards,