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well, you can upload your videos to YouTube first, then attach it here.


Rachel commented on Stop ocean pollution

This project is what all of us are hoping for to be solved. Your ideas are wonderful but you need some type of way to back up your statements and to develop more into them. All in all, keep it up and you're doing great.


Rachel commented on Stormies

We actually used a 3D printer to print out our prototype. We've had multiple trials and errors making our prototype (Scaling was incorrect, printer jammed, print was not physically supported.) We have run multiple test with different prototypes and the one that worked the best was the one used often. The best one was put through multiple test with different solutions for oil filtration or different amounts of oil and water (sometimes small trash.) For example, one of the solutions we used in our prototype was sawdust. The prototype along with the solutions does catch the oil but we still try to come up with more efficient ways to completely catch the oil as some oil slips by because the booms can only absorb and hold a certain amount.