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Maria commented on Eros Aerial LLC

This sounds pretty cool. Never heard of this idea before it is very innovative. I hope you can complete this goal and reach those in underrepresented areas. I like how you want to give jobs to the jobless especially in something as new and changing as technology. Best of luck!

Thank you so much! I am so excited to be inspiring others and leave a mark on not only the team but other students around the world! I hope one day solar cars will be something used everyday to help people like you in sunny conditions.

Our project advisor has built solar cars in the past and has experience in this realm. We have visited MIT and spoken with them about their solar car project. We are also working with great collaborators like Honda who is sending us someone to help us build our battery bank. As well as a company known an Advanced Green Technologies which has donated solar cells to us. This is the most ambitious project of ours to date but with the help of community partners we are excited to meet the challenge head on.