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Trenton commented on The Nationwide Gardens Project

I like the idea of the gardening and i like how it would benefit the community. Would the gardening crops be organized or would people be allowed to plant anything they want?
Being in the agriculture pathway at my school i understand that some crops need extra care, would there be an experienced farmer to help grow the plants?


Trenton commented on Morning mile

I live in Hawaii and I did not even know about this program at the school. Of course, I'm not sure where that school is. It sounds like a good idea, and since you're doing it already I assume it works. I was just curious, are there studies done showing that first thing in the morning is the best time? I get that it boosts energy and is probably great for the first couple hours, but I know when I had PE first thing in the day I was dead by lunch.


Trenton commented on “Scuplt” the Future

This is a great idea, I can imagine it would be very therapeutic both as a physical movement thing and as a distraction mentally. Are there materials that are safe for sick patients to use? Can people be allergic to clay or have a bad reaction?