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Manat commented on Herstory

Bridget — I love the mission of your work! Menstrual hygiene is so important. I am really impressed by how you used your personal struggles as inspiration to help others. I agree with @Aster M; creating kits with reusable contents will help increase the impact and efficacy of your work. It will also reduce the environmental impact. You could partner with companies like Cora, which makes natural period products, or LOLA, which donates tampons for every product they sell.


Manat commented on Be The Change Venture 501(c)(3)

I love this, Anthony! It's really cool that you not only help youth develop professional skills but also help them apply these skills through jobs and internships. Your large scale impact is very impressive! How do you scale your organization successfully, while also maintaining the high-quality of the workshops and curriculum?


Manat commented on Object: Now Girly Means Confident

Thank you so much! I agree that having a strong peer network is so important. Knowing I have women leaders and friends who support me keeps me motivated!