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It is entirely appropriate that our country places a growing priority on the health of our people. Of course, science and technology should aim for greater benefits using fewer resources, and this is happening, although successes are too often obscured by drugs or procedures which are designed primarily for profit and which are sometimes allowed to replace cheaper and better alternatives.

But federal programs properly reflect the will and the aspirations of the people. They need not be constrained by fear of the lack of federal dollars, as long as they use available real resources, material or human. It is the same with any national priority, be it defense or war or going to the moon. We the people can prioritize what we want, and afford whatever is for sale in our own dollars. Fear mongering about how the federal government can't afford these things is superstitious defeatism (data from

It is strange that you never hear about how there is no money saved for the prosecution of our foreign policy we call defense. Likewise, you never hear anyone tally up the next few decades worth of projected defense spending and wring their hands over the "unfunded liability". Everyone knows we will find ways to defend our country and that we can afford to do so. Why is so hard to understand that we can also take care of ourselves at home?