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Isaiah commented on Being A Big

As someone who has a supportive safespace/ community and an entreprenuer who's approach to a problem is being the solution, I highly support your project. Youth definitely need supportive ecosystems that can build them up, and counsel them. I hope you make it far with this project!

I think this is an awesome idea for a campaign/movement. You should plan to take this farther and even go as far as to sell merchandise such as W.E.I.R.D cups. A good example would be the "Keep Calm" brand. I would advise to plan to take this somewhere because there is so much potential for you and your cause is great. I am always open to chat if you'd like advice.


Isaiah commented on Saying NO to the Next Inferno!

Brilliant idea! It is with out doubt, time for the fire department to be ahead of the game and get a technological advantage.