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Adyson commented on Affected Generation

Climate change can be a touchy subject to others apparently, but it is an important topic. Communicating the problems to the youth and others in general can be tough. I, along with my fellow members, attempt to create solutions in our own unique way. I would love to contact you and perhaps create planning between us!

Discussing mental health with one who suffers from their own can be quite difficult. Those struggling have silent screams for help and some keep it to themselves as some depict having mental issues make them sound weak and vulnerable. So with the idea of presenting people with the comfort to talk about their issues not only creates more opportunities to assist but also helps create trust with one another.


Adyson commented on NEVA- Non Profit Environmental Veterans Association

It's quite a unique technique to help tame deforestation and pollution by providing veterans with the opportunity to give back to the environment. In a way, your next level ideas reflect our organization, instead of the head of the organization running operations, the veterans run things. Great idea Ms. Elvir!