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Riley commented on The Blue Lollipop Project

Hi Carmen! Thanks so much for your comment. We work with a candy company called FB Washburn Candy Corporation to get our blue lollipops in bulk (they even add extra blue color into them to make them extra blue!) For events held by schools/organizations, we send them blue lollipops and, for every dollar donation at the event, the donor receives a blue lollipop, a child in a hospital receives a blue lollipop and 100% of the donation funds pediatric cancer research through The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. We reach out to hospitals to see if they are able to accept a blue lollipop donation. If they are, they become one of our Blue Lollipop Approved Hospitals (of which we currently have 10). Groups holding fundraisers sometimes will get approval from their local hospitals as well and we will send the blue lollipops there! Additionally, we have a nomination form where people can nominate pediatric cancer warriors to receive a Blue Lollipop Package.


Riley commented on The Woman of Color Project (ProjectWOC)

You rock! I love your project so much! It’s such a creative way to make such a big impact using social media!


Riley commented on The Blue Lollipop Project

Thanks Riley! We love what you are doing with Recycled Rainbows too!