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Ajeet commented on Heart Centered 21st Century Learning

I am the founder of Dancing Spider Yoga and the Parenting with Radiance program. See my Facebook page here ( I worked briefly with Dr. Mason at The Principals Convergence in Nashville four years ago. I gave a brief showing of how learning simply how to relate to children through rhymes, play and movement can have a huge effect not only on the happiness of the child, but of the parent or caretaker, the teacher and the administrators in school. Dr Mason was absolutely unstoppable in her desire to change the environments of the classroom and to support the well-being not only of children, but the systems and environments in which they learn. 
Connecting via heart-based learning is also brilliant! It is a simple yet profound way to cross barriers and get to the 'heart' of the matter. And in the end, if we can truly have compassion and love for someone, so many of our desired outcomes can be reached.