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Aster commented on Oceans in the Classroom

Hi Max! Kemi and I are from the Bay Area too. What an interesting topic! We really like how your proposal uses hands-on engagement to entice people into learning about marine sciences. Here are some questions we think might be helpful to think about: What do you think will be the larger impact from garnering people’s interest in marine sciences? How do you plan on making the tank sustainable? That is to say, how do you plan on ensuring the tank’s maintenance after you graduate?


Aster commented on Love Yourself, Find Yourself

Hey there! Way to tackle such a prominent, yet seldom talked about issue. We think your proposal could benefit from having specific activities you plan to do to mitigate mental health stigma. When someone gets involved with your project, what can they expect - a workshop or a support group for example? We really like your idea and intent, and we think Love Yourself, Find Yourself has a lot of potential!


Aster commented on Shrink the Gap

Hi Madeline! We think this is such an important topic to discuss, especially with young women before they enter the workforce. You mentioned that you have been surrounded by strong, successful, and intelligent women. Out of curiosity, do you invite older women to your workshops to share their stories of the gender pay gap and how they deal with it in their careers? I think the workshops could be taken to the next level if you brought in women to speak on their experiences.