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thanks Christy,
I have found the word/character limits really challenging here! We are based in NYC. And, somewhat to my surprise (as NSCC began -- truly -- as an accident 20 years ago) we are now working with districts and states across America as well as in France, Peru, Spain and Japan. More and more leadership development for both educators and students is a focus. And, what we are doing is being 'teacher/learners/co-leaders' with the groups educators (most recently in Minn and now Penn) as well as State DOE folks who are supporting these efforts to become local state ambassadors as well as 'teachers' to and with us.


Jonathan commented on Teen Esteem: Empowering Students for Life

Thanks Nicku,
I did not know about our organization.. Just checked you out on the web... we are clearly learning and working in overlapping ways!
with very best wishes