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Natalie commented on Signal 365

This is amazing! Congratulations on how far you've come. This is a really important service, given that cell service can go down during a hurricane and put people in danger. Do you plan on expanding outside the US?


Natalie commented on Academics for All

Hi everyone:

I don't think there's a way to edit our entry, but I'd like to provide a few updates about Academics for All.

I'd say we are past the Idea stage (into Startup) because we have a few key activities already rolling. We still have the confirmed list of volunteer tutors, along with specific subjects for each tutor. We are in contact with liaisons from about ten local high schools who will help us get in contact with potential students. Also, we are in the midst of organizing an ACT Prep Book Drive.

In the book drive, we are placing collection bins and flyers around the community (in schools and in libraries) to collect ACT prep books and ACT-approved calculators. We plan on running the book drive through August so that students who have already finished taking the ACT have plenty of time to donate their materials.

We are also hanging flyers (printed in English and Spanish) around the community to advertise our services. Academics for All will probably have a fundraiser at a local frozen yogurt store as well, to help us cover costs like registration fees and calculators.

Stay tuned to see our website launch soon at, or email either of the co-founders at or

Thanks for keeping up!


Natalie commented on Hoops For Higher Learning

This is a unique idea-- I like how you're going to use basketball, a classic American sport, to promote awareness about the college application process. I was a little confused as to how you plan on incorporating the essay-writing contest-- will this also be during halftime, or a separate operation? Good luck!