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nicolas commented on The Plotty Distributed Seed Bank

Very interesting and complex project.
Having a support for seed story sharing is essential. I love that you are thinking about incentivisation and seed currency. Have you thought about blockchain and curation market model?
Seed is complex and so diverse from species's to species. How do you design your trait ontology to have people sharing review? like flavor, Disease resistance, vigor...... and also, one of the biggest challenge that seed exchange group face is : Seed quality and seed born disease and contamination. How do you track that? Finally, are you working with breeder to use the common knowledge created with your platform? In the US, seed library often face the issue that people take seed but rarely return seed especially some crop like carrot or beet are hard to save clean seed. How do you teach and incentivize users? Finally, each seed story is very tight to the place and people, how do you include people and place diversity into your search engine? Great project all the best