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Sravya commented on Students in Politics (SIP)

Engagement (of youth) is so key nowadays. A focus on taking action is necessary. Thank you for promoting this mindset.


Sravya commented on Future Entrepreneurs

Teaching entrepreneurial skills is priceless; as the global market becomes more and more competitive, these skills will become more in handy. Because entrepreneurship creates more opportunity, developing these skills early on will allow students to be more creative as they grow and develop. In particular, your shift to STEM/STEAM will allow you to touch even more students and truly broaden many perspectives.


Sravya commented on Academics for All

This is an incredible program. I am not sure if the ACT has class and race as entrenched in its results as the SAT did, but I am sure that there are many discrepancies.
Here's some of the data from the SAT:

These problems need to be solved. I know that CollegeBoard has partnered with the Khan Academy to provide services for all students, so it is great to see you all provide something equivalent for the ACT. I think the in-person tutoring factor is key because the learning sessions become more interactive. We would love to collaborate and forward any resources you all create to students who use At the end of the day, it's about making sure that more students get access to the most opportunities. I'm excited to how Academics for All evolves.