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Prabhakar commented on Sustained Development Through Sports

Congratulations Nitishji; It is heart-warming to note the initiative of reaching out to the community of Siddhis, who have all along been marginalised all these centuries. Having seen these people while working in Uttara Kannada many decades back, I perceive that this is a good target group, having a good physical attributes for sporting endeavours and prepared to work hard, being used to the rough life. The idea of combining sporting excellence in particular and healthy life support system through sports in these circumstances can sustainably work under two basic conditions, particularly for the reason that, despite all the best efforts, pinnacle of excellence can be reached only by a few:1) Academics – learning life skills that go beyond sports 2)Intent of the family to support their wards, despite the current Socio-economic context of most of the families, where the children are thought to be adding to the labour earning capacity of the family. While BoS is linking & encouraging schooling for the children as an integrated idea, the latter needs to be taken care of equally. I think that constant talk with & counselling of the families-community leaders can go well for the latter, while local industries , who can be good sponsors of these initiatives in the next phase, they also can be of an economic support to the families by employment prefernces; so that the children of the community can be allowed to try out their life , a privilege enjoyed by more affluent & urban counterparts, by striving to reach sporting excellence.
All the best BoS & Nitish..Keep making ripples… they will turn to waves…with your perseverance and support that your intent is bound be generating all around….