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Sahfri commented on Kampung Marketer

Thank you to Mr. Nofi for establishing an extraordinary organization,, which operates in the field of Social Enterprise. I am one of the members of the organization who felt a positive vibe from the founder of to continue to develop Kampung Halaman. Remarkably not long ago was established to be relatively young because it was only about to step on for 3 years but the social impact that had been given was able to change the conditions of the people around it. Including me, there is no need to migrate far to the city, I can already earn income as well as skills in the field of Digital Marketing which, God willing, will be very useful for my life when I am ready to become one of the Young Entrepreneurs. However, that is still far away from me. I am still not satisfied to help and encourage Mr. Nofi as the Founder of, that comfort is there because we do everything with a foundation of sincerity and sharing for the local people. So, leaving has not occurred at all, because I feel I have not given anything that is best for the founder of and especially the villagers who will be empowered in Thank you once again to Mr. Nofi for your efforts all this time, keep up the spirits I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU !!! Me, Sahfri Yanto