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The Charity commented on Happy Campaign

Hi Megan,

We love your campaign title! It speaks volumes! We believe that happiness is more like a fruit, with words being the seed. Words spoken and words fulfilled could make someone happy! Sometimes, people problems can be so overwhelming, so YOUR RIGHT, through active listening we can hear what problem a person has and be in a better position to help offer a solution. Sometimes, peoples own solutions for themselves, might not be right, so we believe the Happy Campaign should come with intelligent Happiness Counselors to enter into every city the Charity Run Campaign goes and we should work together like the Avengers to bring happiness to everyone we meet through both the words you share, and the words you fulfill! Seriously, read about what we are doing and tell us what you think! The Charity Run Campaign & The Happiness Campaign working together side by side! EVALUATE US AND TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!


The Charity commented on Struggleb4Glory

Hi Latrell, we love your project, purpose, and passion and would really like to connect with you to share our FUNDRAISING STRATEGY, which we believe that you would be very inspired to see! Our Campaign and projects are all about what LOVE is doing for individuals and groups of individuals. For just $5 a month we are inviting people who BELIEVE in Love like we do to join the campaign, so that we can give them a hand up, and even in some cases, a new lease on life.

Our campaign is all about what Love is doing to help those in need most and for this we are creating projects designed to bring a person from one state to another: EVEN from the state of depression to the state of happiness! We do this by helping them create a life plan and walking them through the steps of achieving it! IMAGINE IF WE could not only teach children a trade, but give them the tools and financial resources to make a business out of it! This is possible and is already being done, but if we are going to reach our goal, then we MUST work together like Fire Ants! We would love to connect with you more about what your doing and see how we can come together to help you humanity!


The Charity commented on Tribe Human

He Ianna! You really hit the nail on the head when you identified that we need more INTERPERSONAL work with the people that need help. It is through those encounters that we want to provide a HANDS ON Curriculum to those we help so that for instance: they don't just learn about how to obtain good credit, but actually are walked through the steps, so that when they are on their own, they will be able to stand alone on their own two feet with a GOOD financial report card! Lets connect!